The history of Fredericia

Guided tour on the ramparts and in the unique city centre

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Join us on a guided tour and learn about the unique history of Fredericia and its great ramparts. Hear the story of how Denmark lost a great deal of territory, as a result of several unlucky wars. Fredericia Ramparts came to play a major role in the wars, and while it is the setting of great losses, Fredericia is also home to one of Danish military’s greatest victories. A victory that is still celebrated every year at the traditional 6th of July Celebrations. 

Explore the ramparts – one of the largest and most well preserved of its kind in Northern Europe. The guide will tell you all about the history of Fredericia and the early royal privileges, which included freedom of religion. You will also learn about the unique architecture, that defines the city centre.  

Learn about the Generals Rye and Bülow and the other famous minds behind the great victory in Fredericia. The tour will also take you past the Brave Soldier Square. 


Praktisk info
Fredericia Library, Prinsessegade 27, 7000 Fredericia
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Bring ticket either printed or on mobile phone
About 2 hours
Dress according to weather
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VisitLillebælt - Fredericia
Fredericia Bibliotek (Library)
Prinsessegade 27
7000 Fredericia
  • Tlf.: 72113512