Snorkel Trail with a guide

Explore the porpoises’ food supplies

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This experience has no dates scheduled for the moment. Please contact the supplier.

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Take a guided tour along the snorkelling trail at Grimmermosehuset with professional instructors from Ocean Adventures Diving Centre. The trail leads you past caves where you can see fish and crabs hiding, cuttlefish nesting, a statue of a seal and a sunken fishing boat.

Useful and interesting information is available along the way.

The tour takes about 2 hours, with approx. 1 hour in the water. The guide provides safety instructions and will give you some good snorkelling tips.

The water in the Little Belt can be cold, so we recommend wearing a wet suit. If you don’t have a wet suit you can borrow one here.


Read more about the snorkel trail or see the video.

Practical information
Meeting point:
Grimmermosehuset, Kongebrovej 63, 5500 Middelfart
Når du overnatter i området kan du få et BeHappyPass fordelskort. Rabat DKK 100 for børn 12 år og under.
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Deadline for ordering:
48 hours before the start of the event
Possible cancellation:
The snorkeling is possibly cancelled if there are more than 46 seats left
You do not need to bring the ticket you receive. You will be automatically registered with the instructor, when you have complete your booking
1½ hours
Minimum 10 years old. Children must be accompanied by an adult
Please remember:
swimming costume, mask and snorkel as well as towels
Qualified instructor
Food and drink is not included, but you are welcome to pack a picnic

Contact information

Ocean Adventures Dykkercenter.
Grimmermosehuset/Ocean Adventures
Kongebrovej 63
5500 Middelfart
  • Tlf.: +45 75 50 37 30