Whale Watching from Fredericia

Great experience for the whole family.

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Barn/Child 2-12 år/yrs
Tue, 13/10/2020 - 09:00
23 stk
Wed, 14/10/2020 - 09:00
25 stk



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We are sailing in the northern Lillebælt (The Little Belt between Fredericia and Middelfart). Come and join us at this Whale Watching excursion. 

During the trip we locate the porpoises (one of the smallest whale in the world) with listening device in their natural surroundings. We follow and observe the porpoises hunting for food, while the skipper will give you information about the animals and the area’s traditional whale hunting history.

Your kids will love it:
1. Become a helmsman for a day! Help steer the 87-ton ship on the Little Belt

2. All children will receive a diploma with the number of porpoises they have spotted on that day

3. Learn more about the porpoises based on our porpoise-dummy on board

4. There is a possibility of us using a listening device if we can locate enough porpoises to follow their clicking sounds. This also depends on the wheater.

Watch video on Youtube.

Porpoise Exhibition
Access to the exhibition about the traditional purpoise hunt in Middelfart is included, when you book a ticket for Whale Watching on board Aventura. The exhibition is located at Henner Friiser Hus (museum) in Middelfart. The museum is open tuesday-saturday from 12-4 pm.

You should remember 3 things before going on a trip with Aventura:
Bring your ticket
You may bring your dog, but please make an arrangment: phone +45 2165 0567
Single-use plastics are a main contributor to the pollution of the oceans. Therefore, we do not allow the use of it on board and we ask our guests to respect that. But please, do bring your picnicbaskets.

Practical information
Meeting point:
Fredericia Harbour - Toldkammeret/Langebro. At Restaurant: Ti Trin Ned
By staying in Middelfart/Fredericia you obtain a discount: DKK 50 discount for children u 12 yrs. please use the given code
Click here for further information
Deadline for ordering:
1 hour before departure
Possible cancellation:
Cancellations only in connection with extreme winds
Please note that tickets for our tour boats are only available by online booking. Unfortunately it is not possible to pre-book tickets for our tour boats
3 hrs.
All are welcome (children accompanied by adults). Children under the age of 2 free of charge.
Please remember:
Remember binoculars, sunglasses, wind-proof clothes, and practical shoes.
Handicap friendly:
You can board in a wheelchair. Plaese contact Henrik Traugott-Olsen +45 2165 0567 after completing the order.
Please note:
The ticket includes visiting a porpoises exhibition at Henner Friisers Hus (museum - Brogade 8, Middelfart). Remember to bring your ticket to the museum.
Safety instructions before departure.
You are welcome to bring your own food and beverage
The children will receive ”Proof of lookout and helmsman” with number of porpoises spotted

Contact information

Henrik Traugott-Olsen
Gl. Havn, Fredericia
Toldkammeret/Langebro. Am Restaurant: Ti Trin Ned
7000 Fredericia
  • Tlf.: +45 8832 5959