Holiday experiences in Denmark

In the area between Fredericia, Kolding and Middelfart, you will find Lillebælt (The Little Belt) with the two Belt Bridges. A unique area, with lots of beautiful nature. Different experience providers have gathered their authentic holiday experiences at this booking site for you to buy. You will find a variety of holiday experiences at the experience booking site within the following categories

Holidaying in Denmark is definitely not boring, and if you are into authentic holiday experiences: the ones where you are in the centre of attention, and get the experience completely under the skin, then you have come to the right place. At this experience booking site you will find everything within authentic holiday experiences in the summer months, such as: 

  • Minicruise, where you experience the beautiful Lillebælt, from Middelfart Old Harbour and down to the entrance of Kolding Fjord where a stop is made at the beach, Løverodde. 
  • Whale Watching. Watch the little whale in Lillebælt. The porpoise is the world's smallest whale. There are listening devices on board. 
  • Windsurfing. Try your strength against wind and water, and get a fun water sports experience. 
  • Fishing trip. Take the M/S Medicus and go fishing at Lillebælt (The Little Belt).
  • Match Race. Challenge with friends or family where you compete against each other. 
  • Kayaking course in Fredericia. Learn how to handle a kayak. 
  • Boat rental. Go out fishing on your own, and/or just get a great day on the water.
  • Golf with an hour of instruction included. 
  • Bicycle rental in several places in Middelfart. Rent a bike for daily shopping or a trip into the area's beautiful scenery. Read more about the natural beauty in and around Middelfart. 
  • Tour of the rampart in Fredericia, which is also a nature experience with cultural/historical background. 
  • Train ticket to Madsby Play Park. Madsby Play Park is the largest playground in the area. Admission is free, but you must pay for parking. Many children's activities are at the play park, including the train, and do try boats also at Madsby Play Park. 
  • Tree-top sleep-over, come out on top and enjoy Lillebælt when you sleep in a hammock 10 metres up in a tree. 
  • Tree climbing for everyone. Tree climbing with expert instruction, a super holiday experience for the whole family. 

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